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National Listserv

Make sure your contact information is updated as part of our national listserv which we use to share information for the nationwide Obama Alumni community.

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Connect with your region

Below are the 20 cities & states where alumni have started a mailing list to communicate and connect. Regional groups also host local organizing meetings and plan action items. Clicking on the links below will take you to request permission to join these groups (Google groups, Facebook groups, and more).

Want to start an Alumni Association somewhere that is not listed here? Tell us here and we will help you.


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Join an alumni constituency/affinity Group

*These groups are open to former political appointees only.

Join alumni GRoups for your agency or White House office

These lists are only open to former political appointees of the specified agency/office.

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The Obama Foundation has begun their work in earnest. Make sure to check out their website to see the latest updates: If you're interested in being considered for openings, please send a letter of interest to 

Have ideas or want to help the Obama Alumni community?

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