There are many different forums for sharing and finding job opportunities. We strongly encourage Obama Alumni to join the Obama Alumni Linked In Page:
Obama Alumni Linked In  This is the best way to find Obama alums who work in specific sectors and states, find job opportunities or find great alums to fill jobs that you know about! 

Check out the various ways to share and find jobs below: 

1.  Join Obama Alumni on LinkedIn. (You will need to request permission to join the group.)

2. Have job opportunities to share? If you have job opportunities that you would like to send to Obama Alumni, Hillary Alumni, or other networks of progressive allies, please:

  • Use an email subject line that specifies the employer, title of the job, or the field/discipline it is in, and the current date (e.g. "Sierra Club - Field Director - 12.06.16").

  • Email it to:

3. Check out more job opportunities: To see job opportunities that others are sending out, just click the link below (please note that this is NOT a  private google group you need to join, it's a link/forum group to which anyone can send posts):  

4. Progressive Sites with Jobs: There are also great resources out there that aggregate progressive job opportunities and open up different networks and sectors. Check out this great site and let us know if you hear of others that we should featuret: