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Did you work as a political appointee* in the Obama administration, in the 2008 or 2012 campaigns, Obama's Senate campaign, for OFA, on one of the transition teams, or PIC? If so, please join here or update your information with the Obama Alumni Association to stay connected! *Please do not include your experience as government career staff and/or internships.

Be sure your contact information is updated as part of our national listserv to receive information about the nationwide Obama alumni community. To sign up for regional, constituency or agency alumni email lists, head to the 'Get Connected' page on this website. If you already receive emails from the “Obama Alumni Association” (not a google group) you are signed up!

Once we receive your request, there is a vetting process to ensure this resource remains open only to Obama Alumni. Please be patient after you submit the form, as we vet all submissions.

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