Our Movement

“Which brings me to the third and main reason why this was not just a campaign, but it was a movement: and that’s you.” – President Obama

Shortly after President Obama’s historic 2008 election, a group of campaign alumni came together around the question of how to sustain the community of people who had, and would continue to, dedicate their time to perfecting our union. The answer became the Obama Alumni Association, which over the past decade has connected, engaged, and mobilized the thousands of alumni from President Obama’s campaigns, Administration, and OFA.

Our work continues. Now more than ever, it’s critical that we come together as a family — to organize and mobilize, to communicate, plan, and share opportunities with each other. This website was created to enable just that — as a forum to connect alumni to each other, share the inspiring work alumni are doing across the country, share job opportunities, and highlight important actions that we can all take to move our country forward.


Have photos to share? The photos represented on this site, are all from Alumni who have sent them to us! Please send us your great Obama Alumni pictures and we will include as many as possible. Submit your photos here.

All OFA Training Materials – Available to you!

Organizing for Action (OFA) was a national grassroots issues advocacy organization, founded in 2013 to support the policy agenda the American people voted for in the 2012 elections. 

One of OFA’s signature strengths was its focus on training and leadership development, furthering the Obama organizing legacy and core values of Respect, Empower, Include. The Obama Alumni Association will be a permanent home for these materials, ensuring that this piece of President Obama’s legacy is available to others in the progressive movement.