In Memoriam

While we celebrate all we accomplished together across two winning campaigns and eight years of governing, we also take time to remember those who fought for change but are no longer with us. On this page, we honor the Obama alumni who have passed away and we rededicate ourselves to continuing the work that we first started together.

If there are other alumni who are missing here, please submit them here: Obama Alumni In Memoriam Submission Form.

Photograph of Jeanette Acosta

Jeanette Acosta

1985–2017  |  Obituary  |  Article

Photograph of Rajen Anand

Rajen Anand

1937–2017  |  Obituary  |  Article

Photograph of Jake Brewer

Jake Brewer

1981–2015  |  Obituary  |  Article

Photograph of Cassandra Butts

Cassandra Butts

1965–2016  |  Obituary

Photograph of Julia Fox

Julia Fox

1984–2018  |  Obituary  |  Article

Photograph of Ann Marie Habershaw

Ann Marie Habershaw

1962–2018  |  Obituary  |  Article