Digital organizing

These trainings include a seven-session digital content production fellowship targeted at entry level digital professionals. These training modules are also appropriate for volunteers, and work as stand-alone sessions. Also below are three digital organizing toolkits for general use

Digital Content Production Fellowship

Digital 101

This webinar goes over the main goals of a digital campaign: message, mobilization, money.

Principles of digital communication

In this module, participants learn to establish strong relationships with a digital audience by following three key principles of digital communication: authenticity, relevance, and efficacy.

Social media strategy

While social media is useful to frame a message and mobilize supporters, it is less effective for fundraising. This training guides participants in the difference in social media platforms, and how to use social media to frame a message and mobilize supporters.

Social media content production

This module is a step-by-step process to produce content for social media with an audience and goal in mind.

Email campaign strategy

In this module participants learn how to strategically imagine email content that is effective and which the receiver will likely open, read, and respond to.

Email content production

This module dives into a step-by-step process to draft an effective email with audience, campaign goals, and call to action in mind.

Planning a digital campaign

Digital campaigns help meet measurable goals by presenting a clear message, integrating different digital tactics, and targeting a specific audience. This module combines digital tactics to plan and manage a digital campaign.


These toolkits are general-use digital organizing guides that are supplemental to the arc of this learning journey.